The following is a sponsored Advertorial from Nina & Tom:
Like your little one, nina and tom’s t-shirts are just as special and distinctive. Your child is one-of-a-kind; why not have them wear something that is as unique as they are. nina and tom t-shirts are enjoyable to wear and are pleasing to look at. Kids like to wear nina and tom because it is always fun to dress in your favorite color, food or song or tell people how old you are.
Little ones have a lot to say. nina and tom are here to help. With simple and direct design, nina and tom family fashion is creative and clever. You won’t find street talk with nina and tom t-shirts. The shirts are about relating to the everyday pleasures of life and the joys of childhood.
nina and tom also like the idea of hand me downs, while taking great care and pride in producing a product that will last long after your child grows out it. With that in mind, nina and tom are eco-conscious, with their product and business practices, using organic cotton, water-based inks and low impact dyes.
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