The following is a paid Advertorial from Nubius Organics:
Hold the phthalates please! With all the recent news about the dangers of BPA-laden plastic bottles, lead-coated toys, chemicals in skin-care products (and the list goes on…), it’s so hard to know which products are best for keeping babies safe and healthy.
We love Nubius Organics for offering a great selection of chemical-free products that take the worry out of baby care. From BPA-free baby bottles to adorable organic cotton clothes, toys and accessories, you’ll find eco-friendly alternatives for all of your baby needs. Great prices too!
New for Summer: Check out the new Speesees Organics line for the cutest clothes, and California Baby skin care for safe and effective chemical-free sunscreens & more. Shop now and save 15% with coupon code ECO15.


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