wallquotes1 The following is a sponsored post from Wallquotes.com:

Vinyl letters and designs give you a personalized, elegant, painted-on look without the stress and mess and cost of painting.  So if you’re looking for something special to customize your space or add a little inspiration to your life, wallquotes.com is the perfect place to find it. 

Our unique designer quotes will add style and personality to help make your house a home; or try our custom vinyl lettering and wall quote generator to create a special quote of your own in one of dozens of fonts; select from 43 designer colors to make a perfect match to your existing décor – and voila! instant style. 

In our expanding collection of wall art, you’ll find just the thing to complement your quotes, your home, your life.  And check out our blog for giveaways, design ideas, and more.  Until the end of March, use MWSTYLE at checkout for 10% off.


  1. Those are very neat. I’ve always wanted something like that, I’ll have to head over and check them out.

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