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Awhile back, a friend shared what she had done on the wall in her family room. She had a series of square wall tiles that were her Instagram photos and it was just beautiful. I figured she spent a lot of money so I asked her about it and it turns out it was totally affordable!

She ordered them from Mixtiles, where you can order 3 tiles at 8×8 for $49. Each additional tile is $9. The tiles come with adhesive on the back that you can easily peel and stick on your walls. They are also easy to move and don’t mark your wall!

Here’s how mine turned out. I put these photos in my front hallway – they are from a family photo session we had in the spring.

IMG_0764 2
Get 10% off your first order at Mixtiles through this link. It’s an app so you’re going to want to do this through your phone – if you are reading on mobile just click through and if you see this on your browser, send the link over to your phone!



  1. Those are nice, but I’ve found that Mixtiles are the most expensive out there and I didn’t like that they just seem to print on photo paper and glue it to the boards (mine weren’t cut even and hung over the edges). I started using another similar company called PhotoSquared. Theirs are less expensive (4 for $48 and $8 for extras) and they appear to print directly on the photo board (plus it was more of a matte finish, which I thought looked more professional, imho). Just throwing it out there!

    • Thanks for the tip Julie, I’ll check out PhotoSquared. My Mixtiles were printed directly on the board though so maybe they changed production? But cheaper is always good!

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