Ear buds just don’t cut it in my kids ears for whatever reason. They won’t stay; the kids pull them out; they don’t like they way they feel, etc.

So my 9 year old has been using some Skull Candy headphones for awhile but they are too big for my 6 year old.

Then, in a nice timely manner, we got these Kidz Gear Volume Limit Headphones (Target, $19.99).  They fit Cole’s head just right and they have a nice volume controller so you are ensured they won’t blast their eardrums off accidentally.  We were headed on a trip to Orlando so I was happy to have a pair that fit each kid before we left!

You can get Kidz Gear Volume Limit Headphones at Target for $19.99.  These are great for the upcoming summer travel months!  They are for ages 2+ but they fit Cole’s head at age 6 and still seem to have room to grow.



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