What a difference swaddling makes. Seriously, its one of those things that I just didn’t get, didn’t know about, before I had kids. And, as I watched the nurses in the hospital swaddle my tiny one up, I thought, “what on earth are they doing?!” There’s no way a baby can be comfortable smushed up like that.
I didn’t pay attention. Didn’t watch or listen closely to the whats, the whys and the hows. We came home, and he cried. All night. Every night. My husband, who obviously paid much better attention than I, swaddled. And practiced, and swaddled some more. And he slept better. But after a few hours, the tiny one was wailing again. Yup. Smart enough to break free. And, of course, stubborn me, I didn’t want to learn. Until my husband returned to work. And I didn’t know how to swaddle. I read books. And I practiced. And I practiced. And I practiced. Again. Again. Again. You know, I don’t think I ever swaddled my first son right. We thought he was a great sleeper, all the same.
But with my second, I had a swaddling blanket. A good swaddling blanket. So I knew what to do. I knew how to do it. And, swaddled, my second tiny one was a great sleeper. See, I learned that the secret to a great sleeper is a good, solid swaddle.
My kids are a little old for it. But I’m so glad that I’ve found an fun, strong, well-made swaddling blanket to gift to my friends. The Snug & Tug is a swaddling blanket with style and strength. Available in 3 color combinations, the Snug & Tug was designed specifically for swaddling. Its shape, triangular, makes it easy to use. It has an extremely strong velcro closure. And you can tell it was created by moms–the velcro won’t snag your other items in the laundry, there’s a safety spot to fold your velcro tabs!
I love giving tips to new moms. One of my favorites is to swaddle. Use code MWS15 to save 15%.


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