This has to be one of the softest, sweetest and most luxurious blankies I have ever felt… or seen. I mean, its hard to admit to falling in love with a blankie, especially when you’re, ahem, 34, but I think I have. I mean, I don’t need a lovey, but when one is so perfect, why not?!
Bugaboo BabyBoo Blankies are made of 4 panels: 2 are a soft deco fabric; 2 a chenille, plush or dotted plush (as is the back.) And surrounding is a silky border. As in scratchy here, fuzzy there, vibrant over there.
Can I actually say “yum” about a blankie? I think I just did. And check out their other products. A bib that hip is one I would wear. Use code stylemom for 20% off your order now through Friday, March 6.

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