True story: This morning I woke up at 7:08 AM bleary eyed and sleep deprived. I was in a panic because I had less than thirty minutes to breastfeed my baby, and get four kids out the door and into the car to do their three school drop offs. Extreme suburban parenting. With nary a moment to spare, I threw on a simple but classic lounge set from Aimee.
Now technically the set is supposed to be nursing pajamas. But since noone else noticed, we’re not going to dwell on the fact that I slept in my clothes (yesterday’s tee) and got up and put on pajames, right? At any rate, paired with a cute sweater, the loungewear was more than pass-offable as daywear and I was able to feed the baby a quick meal and run out the door.
Cut to an hour later. My last drop off was complete and I was about to exit the preschool when the baby woke up and made it clear that he was hungry. He wanted to eat. Now. So I fed him on the couch near reception and chatted with the receptionist. She complimented my top and mentioned that I looked awfully well coordinated for a mom on the run with four kids. I considered fessing up that I was wearing pajamas but if she wants to think I have my act together, who am I to disillusion her?
Next stop Target. A hour into shopping… You guessed it. Little guy demanding food again.
You get the gist. About a quarter of my day is spent nursing. I don’t have time or patience for clothing that I am not comfortable in. I’m just glad that Aimee makes these comfy nursing pajamas that are presentable enough for me to wear as daywear!

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