B000HWZ4QG.01._AA240_SCLZZZZZZZ_V41025624_.jpg I’m not usually one to love a sequel. But with kids movies, particularly kids movies with talking animals, you have to really approach the sequel thing differently. Some of these films actually get better as they go along and make the sequels. Maybe the animals get better at reading their lines. Or maybe the special effects get better. Or maybe it is the litter effect. Because I have found that the second or third in the line usually involves a litter. And lets face it folks – could be Dalmations, St Bernards, Pigs or Hairless Spaniels (still waiting on this one) – baby animals are just adorable. And infinitely entertaining.

Air Buddies
entertains us with the escapades of a litter of darling Golden Retrievers, tasked with rescuing their parents from evil breeders who would use the dogs unique sporty talents to get rich. Is it predictable? Of course. Entertaining? You betcha! My kids and their friends are in love with the baby Bud pups. Mud Bud, Bud-dha, Rosebud and Budderball got 12 thumbs up from our crew of six 2-10 year old test reviewers. And let me just say that they were hungry and cranky at the time. They reviewed the film at that witching hr. Right before dinner. And the pizza was a half hr late. But noone noticed, they were all too entranced.
I’d definitely recommend this film as a stress free way to bring home some golden pups this season. Sans shedding. Air Buddies is available on Amazon for immediate purchase.

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