alexcasey1 Does this sound familiar? You have a baby gift to get out and so during naptime you hop online to shops a,b,and z and are overwhelmed with the choices. You thought you’d send an outfit but before you know it, you are in too deep, overwhelmed with choices (good and some not so good) and before you know it an hour has passed, your own little one is wide awake and demanding lunch and you still need to get a baby gift out.
This is why I like the Alex Casey site. Simple, uncluttered, easy to navigate and every item in good taste. You can get in and out with the excellent goods you need in no time at all. Which means you can spend the rest of naptime shopping online for yourself or chatting and shopping with your super pals on the MWS boards!
alexcasey2For my own gifting needs and for dressing my own infant son, I’m loving the BabyStar collection at Alex Casey. The pop art prints on these soft cotton pieces is mod and fresh. And the blue dots on the Tag Blue pieces make my little guy’s blue eyes really pop.
Mommies with Style: For the next two weeks, get 15% off your order with Coupon Code MWS. Alex Casey offers free shipping on all orders over $150 and ships all over the world.


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