Once upon a time, I was embarrassed to talk about my period, tampon and all things girls.  But that was long, long ago when I was a teenager.  I hadn’t yet given birth to two kids and been in stirrups flashing all sorts of body parts to all sorts of doctors and nurses.

As Moms, most of us have become pretty comfortable with our bodies.  But we can probably all remember a time when we weren’t so comfortable with our bodies and a time when our period was a new (and embarrassing)  part of being a young woman.  I still remember trying to hide my tampons in a conspicuous spot in my locker when I was in high school.

I immediately thought of those days when I saw the TBox.  Admittedly, this is a pretty cool product for any female of any age who uses tampons, but I thought it especially cool for teenagers and those early days.  You can see from the picture that these tampon holders are fun boxes that store tampons.  They adhere to a toliet (or inside of a locker) and hold several tampons.  I love it.  They open easily and come in several fun looking designs.

It’s $11 box and you can get them on TBoxGirl.com.  Great for Moms too, right?  Who wants to stare at the ugly blue Tampax box when you can have this cute box hidden to the side on your toliet?


  1. Heather Allison says

    I really need this for work I share a locker and would like ot hide my supplies lol

  2. My Wife would love this!!

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