My 2 1/2 year old daughter still has very sensitive skin and needs to have her clothes washed with an allergen-free detergent.  Last Thanksgiving, I was visiting my in-laws and I was afraid to use the regular detergents they had, so instead of buying the typical baby detergent,  I bought all Free Clear to test with her. My daughter, who was a month away from turning 2, was able to tolerate it well and we’ve been using it for her ever since. It’s extra-mild and I love that it’s tough on stains, hypoallergenic, perfume and dye-free. Recently, I was asked to formally review the detergent, which wasn’t difficult because we use it all the time.  I’ve also started washing stuff for our new baby (due in August) with this detergent.

all Free Clear has partnered with mother and author Kerry Colburn, who just released a new book How to Have Your Second Child First, which helps guide and spare new first-time parents some of the unnecessary time-sucks and expenses that seasoned parents already know to avoid. She tells parents not buying a diaper pail for each room of the house and not to do double the laundry to keep baby clothes separate (spending a boatload on baby-approved detergents in the process. all has worked with Kerry to create an online forum for first-time moms to share tips and seek out advice from other moms.

The Forum in hosted under “Ask a Mom” and “New Moms” on all’s Facebook Page – (they’re also offering a $1 off coupon for all Free Clear).

Thank you to Sun Products for providing samples of all Free Clear.


  1. this is the only detergent I use too – Cole’s skin was so sensitive as a baby, it was the only one I could use that he didn’t break out with… haven’t tried anything else recently to see if there is a difference, figure, why rock the boat

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