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Sun Products, the parent company of All, recently introduced their new All Oxi-Active Laundry Detergent. My 2 year old daughter and I attended the birthday party-themed launch of this new detergent in NYC. Hosted by Parenting Expert Dr. Michele Borba, the message was to “let your kids have fun and get dirty — let All Oxi-Active take care of getting out the stains”.

I felt it was a good message, because I always cringe a little when my 4 1/2 year old son, gets covered with food (during a meal) and loads of dirt and grass stains (when we’re at the park).

Image and video hosting by TinyPic With cookie and cupcake decorating stations, a crafts area, and a painting table – the children at the event were encouraged to have a great time and get really messy. We were handed large blue t-shirts to put over their clothes and encouraged to let our “kids be kids”.

When my daughter got ice cream all over herself, I relaxed and simply took off the shirt and gave it to the staff to wash. When she dumped grass colored paint all over herself, I simply lifted off that t-shirt and put a clean one on. Too bad I couldn’t take one of the staff members home with me to handle all our dirty laundry!

All Oxi-Active features 2 in 1 advanced cleaning power, keeps whites bright and colors vivid, it works with both regular and high-efficiency washing machines. The company says that it has “extraordinary stain-fighting power that cleans better than the leading oxi liquid detergent on tough stains like grass, wine, chocolate ice cream, and grape juice. ” We watched a demo where the tester took two stained pieces of cloth. One was mixed with a leading oxi-detergent and water in a canister, the other cloth was mixed with all Oxi-Active and water in another canister. The one that was cleaned with all Oxi-Active was clean! During the last half hour of the event (including some of the time while we were watching the demo) the staff actually washed all of the dirty shirts in an on site washing machine, using all Oxi-Active). We were shown results afterwords – the shirts were clean!!
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Sample on the left was washed with a leading oxi detergent, sample on the right was washed with All Oxi-Active Detergent.

The writer of this post received a gift bag containing All Oxi-Active Detergent and other items.

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