I have no allergies. Growing up, while my friends suffered from hayfever, eczema, whatever, I’d stand by and do my own thing. Until I hit adulthood, and I developed a garlic allergy – which isn’t life-threatening and more of an annoyance. I’m lucky, I know.
And I didn’t really have a grasp on what it was like to have a severe allergy, to live like that, until I met my friend Susan. Susan has 8 children – 3 stepdaughters, and five of her own. All five of the younger kids have one allergy or another ranging from seasonal to severe. She’s also allergic to a number of things herself, including tree nuts. She carries a number of epi-pens wuth her at all times.
Of course she’s not the only one – there are thousands of people, children, families who are dealing with severe allergies on a regular basis. So I was interested to check out this site and products – Allergy Haven.
They sell apparel for kids (“I’m not nutty, I’m peanut free”), epi-pen holders, books, pantry stickers and more. The epi-pen holders especially I thought were great – they have one for sale for Moms, and even one for kids that wraps around their waist. It has a little flap where can stash a sheet of information (info on what the allergy is) or even an inhaler, and a strap with enough space to store two epi-pens. And I love the Benadryl Plastic Container – big enough to pour in one dose of Benadryl.
Visit Allergy Haven to check out their products.

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