Editor’s Note: Nancy’s already given birth but had written this review beforehand so we’re airing it now – scroll down the blog for info on Nancy and her new baby:

HeartburnteaI’m really close to giving birth. I’m almost 39 weeks pregnant and frankly not doing so well right now. I have felt so amazing this pregnancy, so I guess if the last week stinks, I’ll have to deal!  Right now I can barely keep anything down because I’m nauseous all the time and my heartburn is awful too.  I am taking something OTC, but it doesn’t always work. My ankles are also very swollen and my blood pressure is high (but thankfully not as high as with my first pregnancy). Sleeping is another issue (or rather not sleeping). But our sweet baby girl will be with us very soon!

Just the other day, I got a package from Earth Mama Angel Baby that completely lifted my spirits! The kind Earth Mamas sent me some relief. This is the first time I actually teared up when I got a product to review in the mail!!!

I just started using their Earth Mama Heartburn Tea – a delicious organic herbal tea to combat heartburn. It made me so feel much better. It was also yummy and it was easy to use the loose tea to make it. Their website give directions on how to make tea using loose tea. I have also been soothing my aching back with their Hot Spot Labor Sock – a NICE microwavable herb- filled labor companion (made of rice and calming lavender blossoms).  Tonight, as soon as my son is in bed, I will also soaking my swollen ankles in their Happy Feet (an organic Foot Soak for tire, swollen, tootsies).

Their products are amazing and I will be using their C-Section Healing Kit and their Breastfeeding Kit after I have the baby- I will be posting reviews on each of these.

Thank you Earth Mamas! I also used your birth plan template to make my birth plan (yes, you can even do them for C-Sections!)

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  1. Clarissa Martinez says

    I wanted to comment on Nancy's comment that Earth Mama is very good. I used it in my second pregnancy and now in the third. I am 38 weeks and very tired and reday to deliver. I hadn't slept in almost two day and drank 2 cuos of Third Trimester Tea and I slept so go that the next morning when waking up I didn't even feel Pregnant. The happy feet is amazing as well and take my red swollen feet to llooking like they did post prego. I honor there product so much I have begun carrying in my small boutique for all earth mama's here in my home town.

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