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It’s rare you’ll hear me admit, “okay, my husband was right,” so take note on this once-in-a-lifetime post! I am wholeheartedly admitting that buying this product was all my husband Jon’s idea. He has wanted a GoPro video camera for the family for years – ever since the very first one came out and he chatted with some dude on a chair lift while skiing about it one winter afternoon awhile back.

“Some dude” was a 20-something snowboarder who had his GoPro strapped to his helmet and was clearly doing cooler things on the mountain than we were. I remember thinking, we do NOT need that.

But the push got harder this past year, as we started planning a two-week vacation to Hawaii this summer. We leave in less than a month and so I finally caved and bought one for he family.

I really ordered the GoPro Hero4 – one of the newer models – to appease Jon. I truly didn’t think we would use this.

Okay. I was wrong. Hear that, husband!? (He doesn’t, because he doesn’t read my blog so I can at least be a teeny bit smug in my admittance of being wrong. But I did say it, right guys?!)

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We finally started taking our GoPro Hero4 around with us over the last few weeks on a couple of trips, and I have to say, it’s pretty dang cool.

I wanted to share with you guys some pictures and one video we’ve used it for thus far. The outdoorsy pictures are from a trip up to Schroon Lake, in the Adirondacks in northern upstate New York.

The pool pictures are from North Carolina. The pool pictures are of course one of the things that makes the GoPro Hero4 the coolest – it can go underwater and take pictures and video there. We will most definitely be bringing this with us to Hawaii for photos and video of our underwater adventures there.

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I reaaallllly like the style of photos it takes – it’s like these cool panoramic scenic shots that are just gorgeous.

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We’ll have to get the hang of it because you can see a thumb in the photo above. We have a lot of those.

And the underwater shots are just so fun. I can’t wait to use this on all the fish and marine life we’ll be seeing in Hawaii on our snorkeling adventures.

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You can see more technical features on the GoPro Hero4 on Amazon but some of my thoughts:

* it’s extremely user-friendly. For pictures it’s point-and-shoot and for video it’s the change of a dial and very self explanatory.

* it’s tiny! For travel this is just awesome. It literally fits into the palm of my hand, WITH THE WATERPROOF CASE ON! (It’s even smaller if you opt to take the waterproof case off!)

* the photo quality is fabulous for the average camera user. I mean, just check out my photos above! These were taken by my kids with no editing.

And here is our sample video! We have a lot to learn but like I said above, I think this is pretty dang cool and I think if you have an active family or a trip planned, the GoPro Hero4 Silver is a nifty little way to grab some usual photos and video.


  1. I have the GoPro 3+ still been wanting to upgrade but holding off. Try the time lapse feature on it, clamp the GoPro somewhere during a storm (waterproof case) and time lapse it. I got some amazing photos of lightening that way. I just let it go and came back in a few hours. Tons of pics but some really amazing ones of a storm.

    Thanks for posting!

    • Thanks for the comment, Lou! I have a lot to learn and hope to get deeper into the settings and different features before we head to Hawaii. Didn’t know about the time lapse and will definitely check that out!

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