The last couple of years, Prime Day has flopped a little. A lot of buzz for not much action, in our opinion. But this year, the promotion has seemed bigger than ever so we’re curious to see how the next two days pan out.

I thought we’d share an on going list of what we’re buying over here, or any good deals we see. If you score anything great, comment below and we’ll add it to the list!

In no particular order, and definitely pretty random:

Sheba Cat Food – It’s not every exciting that’s for sure, but I bought this. My cat loves it and this is almost 50% off what I pay in store!

Echo Dot – everyone already has one in our house, but at $22, if you don’t have one this is a great stocking stuffer or birthday gift. (Seriously, it’s not too early to think Christmas!)

Fire Stick – same deal with the Firestick. At $14.99 this is a great price to make your more TV than you’ll ever need in your life.

Lodge Cast Iron 5 Piece Bundle – need new pans? At 53% off and $69.99 this is a nice price.

I’ll keep adding as I buy and see people sharing their finds over the next few days but be sure to share any cool deals you score with us so we can add them to the list. I’m holding out for some VR deals for the kiddos…

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