How does Ambajam do it? Just when I think I am all superior with my animal-embroidered-on-a-blankie disdain, they manage to deliver a blanket set, adorned with turtles, that is cute without crossing into the dreaded territory of cute-sie. I’d even go so far as to say, adorable.
action_blanket.jpg Forgive me if I sound like a terrible snob. I just have a thing about sickly sweet, sad little blue puppies and pink kitties. Not on my kids clothing and accessories! Unless they are genuine vintage/retro puppies and kitties. Then it’s somehow ok. This is as hard to explain to my own mom, as why I had to have the jeans with the right kind of stitching in high school. But I know you readers, you get it!
So if you have a fellow fear of cloying critters, Ambajam just may help you get over it (and provide you with a perfect site to send to all those well meaning critter-loving moms and aunts). Check out the refreshing color palate and bold designs. Gender neutral turquoise and orange Cuddle-up blankets are my definite favorites. I just love the blanket stitching on the edge of these soft, and cozy fuzzy blankets. The thread color matches the embroidered design and just lends the set such a nice clean,simple and distinctively different look and feel. These are woobie-worthy blankets – the chosen few that are destined to become favorites.
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