Celebrating Mia’s 10th anniversary, Kutoka of Canada recently introduced Mia Reading: The Bugaboo Bugs! If you aren’t already familiar with Mia, she’s a cute little mouse who adventures through a big home, solving problems.
I was first introduced to Mia when she was busy learning with math problems in Mia’s Math Adventure. She was a hit amongst my students because Mia games include challenges and a story, so learning with Mia isn’t just a bunch of drills. Now, Carson is playing Mia Reading, and he as no idea that Mia’s stories and challenges are teaching him reading skills. Created for ages 5-9, these CD-Roms are actually DVD-Roms, so make sure your computer is new enough to include a DVD-Rom before purchasing (my boys have hand-me-down computers, so my husband lost some computer time when we found that C could play Mia’s Reading Adventure on his computer.)
Also available are Mia’s Science Adventure, Mia’s Language Adventure and Mia’s Creativity Studio. Get them all at the Mia Boutique.

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