I really wasn’t sure about this product at first. The whole “kid on a leash” thing has such a stereotype – mostly bad. I think anyone reading this blog knows that most Moms who use the “leash” for their kids get judged. Either that they aren’t disciplining their kids enough if they have to use one, or comments surrounding treading their children like dogs are bound to come up. There is definitely a stigma attached to using a harness.
So this alternative, with a similar concept, hit my inbox and I was kind of on the fence. Developed by Joan Lunden, the KinderKord is a child safety product that attaches to your child. It’s a bracelet that acts as a cuff – it cuffs to you and cuffs to your child. It stretches out up to 3 feet (if you want it to), so you can have a lot of freedom with it.
But here’s why I like it: it’s nice looking and doesn’t seem to me to have the stigma of the “leash,” yet allows you to feel safe and secure with a toddler when you’re in a crowded environment. My youngest wasn’t a runner but my oldest was, and awhile I never used any sort of attachment for him, I could have used something like this in a crowded place. Think Disney. Think Amusement Park. With a bunch of kids in tow, I can imagine this product would be invaluable with that one stubborn child that loves to wander off. This has to be an awesome one to use in a security line at the airport when you’re down a stroller and have a bunch of kids running around!
The cuffs are nice and unisex looking so Mom or Dad can use these, plus you can attach it to other things and not just a person. You can attach it to the stroller or diaper bag.
Buy it on the Toys R Us website or find it in-store at Babies R Us for $19.99.


  1. We actually met “Joan” (as she disarmingly introduced herself) at a trade show a few years ago when she was introducing this product. She and her product manager were very nice to talk with and she definitely has a concern for children in her heart.
    We produce a product that performs a similar function but with a different approach. The Gripsterz StayAlong uses a walking rope with a fun monkey character handle to entice children to hold on voluntarily.
    While no product is a ‘silver bullet’ that works for all families in all situations, both products are reasonable alternatives to the traditional ‘child leash’ that can sometimes cast a social stigma on parents.
    Thank you for a good and honest review.

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