We went for one last beach hurrah down at the Jersey Shore last week. We planned the trip last minute and it worked out really well. There was a blogger event at the Avalon Golden Inn in Avalon, NJ. I had previously been there and had a great time in March 2010 and then May 2010 for two social media events so I was excited to get down there again.

It’s just a block from Stone Harbor and on the beach so it’s a great location for a quick getaway.

There happened to be a blogger event going on the week we were thinking of going so it was a win-win! We got to attend the event and had a few days at either end of the week to just chill on the beach for some family time. Because it was the week before Labor Day weekend and end of the summer, and I was able to get a blogger rate for the mid-night days, I ended up getting a good package deal. (The Golden Inn always has some sort of special going on – if you can’t find anything good on the website, call and ask them!)

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 4.22.48 PM

Golden Inn sand sculpture by Sandman Matt

Mid-week, our event was the Bloggers Beach Bash, hosted by Joey Fortman from Real Mom Media and Stephanie Glover from A Grande Life. The event involved taking a lesson on the beach with Sandman Matt, a professional sand sculptor who was giving lessons at the Golden Inn all week and graciously stuck around to give a lesson to all of our kids. Since my boys and husband are beach obsessed, plus love to build, I knew this would be a hit. And it truly was. They were the first ones on the beach with Matt and long after all of the bloggers & kids had left to head back to the Golden Inn for lunch, my hubby and boys were still crafting away at their sand sculptures.

You have to check out the amazing portfolio this dude has. I am still in awe that he crafts these works of art OUT OF SAND. Incredible. He was also the nicest guy and was really patient and seemed to truly enjoy working with the kids and showing them how to make these cool sandcastles. If he’s ever on your beach, I highly recommend taking a lesson from him just for fun.

Here are some photos I wanted to share with you from the day:


This one was a half hour before the lesson even started!  Poor Matt was trying to get set up and my guys couldn’t wait for him to start and had already started talking to him!


There was a great turnout of bloggers!  This is where Sandman Matt was explaining the basics of how to build a sandcastle.


A very focused 6-year-old beginning to work on the top of his castle


My 9-year-old LOVED Sandman Matt.  He asked me to go and get him at one point to bring him over to where he was working to give him more tips.


When he finished his first castle, Nate decided to sign his work.

20130830-162911.jpg Family shot!


Sandman Matt used our two boys’ castles as examples when he showed us how to build a wall between the two!

20130830-162929.jpg Nate works on the wall

20130830-162935.jpg More wall

20130830-162943.jpg Proud builders after they finished



  1. Great post Whitney!! Your boys did an amazing job on their castles and the wall.

  2. Wow your guys did a great job on their sandcastle! Thanks for joining us!

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