As many of you know, Thursday, April 22nd is Earth Day.  On that day, PBS will be airing the WordGirl episode “Earth Day Girl.”  The language loving superhero saves the planet in this episode. 

We have three prize packs to giveaway to 3 Mommies with Style readers as we spread the word about the episode – the prize includes the “Earth Day Girl” DVD from Paramount (which includes the episode plus 7 others) and a new WordGirl reader book of the same name from Scholastic Press.  Check out to play cool WordGirl games with your kids.

To enter, leave a comment about what your family does to help the environment or keep green. 

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This contest ends on Thursday, April 22nd.  3 winners will be selected and notified after that time.  Please be sure to include your email address in your entry!


  1. Jenn Sheridan says

    We use a diaper service that composts our diapers and wipes. No landfills dedicated to our baby!

  2. gina campbell says

    oh my does the baby freak when he hears word girlllll! loves it! As a family we recycle.. use reusable bags at the grocery store.. use reusable containers for our water.. we try not to waste anything.. and we recycle! We also turn lights off when not in the room and unplug things from the outlet when not in use…..

  3. We grow some of our own produce and buy some of our meat from local farmers.

  4. diane says

    My family and I are part of “Clean It Up” and volunteer to plant little flowers and pick up garbage in the inner city! This weekend we are volunteering at a hs greenhouse to plant flowers that will be transplanted in 3 weeks! I have 3 children and they all help the “Earth stay Greener”!
    Happy Earth Day!

  5. We live in town, so we try and walk everywhere we can instead of driving. We also take the bus when we go somewhere if it is headed our way!

  6. Mary Gaughan says

    We pack reusable containers in lunchboxes instead of plastic bags and juiceboxes or water bottles. We shop locally, walk or take public transit and bring our own bags. We’re also vegetarians.

  7. My family gardens and uses reusable bags wherever we can!

  8. We use reusable bags, make reuse crafts, recycle, and have started composting!

  9. We use reusable shopping bags and wash and reuse ziploc bags. We recycle, don’t buy bottled water and use a soda stream for seltzer instead of buying it.

  10. We live in a city, so walk or use public transportation exclusively during the week and limit our car use to once or twice on the weekends. We bring our own bags to the market, bring our batteries in to school which collects them for a recycling center and have switched to CFL bulbs.

  11. We use reusable shopping bags, recycle, unplug cords that are not in use, and use CFL bulbs.

  12. We participate in an organic co-op with organic fruits and veggies along with local raw grass-fed milk and pastured eggs.

  13. Recycle papers, cans, etc.

  14. We hang clothes on the line to dry, garden and can our own vegetables, use reuable shopping bags and recycle.

  15. to be more green we repurpose everything we can. such as using milk jugs as planters to grow vegetables.
    mommy2skie at yahoo dot com

  16. we have a bunch of fruit trees in our yard and we try and use “greener” cleaner products

  17. we have been using reusable bags whenever we can, recycling paper and plastic and doing some composting of household waste.

  18. We recycle aluminum cans, glass, newspapers, cardboard, and plastic. In addition, we bring our own bags to the grocery store!

    skkorman AT bellsouth DOT net

  19. Amanda Starr says

    We recycle anything that can be, have reusable grocery bag and lunch stuff, compost and will hopefully be growing some of our own food soon

  20. We do a lot to lessen our impact on the environment, my favorites are running errands on foot, using a clothesline, veggie gardening, shopping at the farmer’s market, driving a hybrid and cloth diapering.

  21. We recycle, and try to produce less trash in general.

  22. My family recycles and plants trees.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Amy B.

  23. We recycle!

  24. We recycle all our plastic, cardboard, magazines and newspaper.


  25. We recycle and are trying to grow our own food now that we live in TN! (& we LOVE Word Girl!)

  26. My household reuses plastic shopping bags and we now also have reusable bags. We even bough a kid-sized bag for our 8 month old. We buy bottled water a lot so we make sure we use Ozarka bottle water because they now use less plastic to make the bottles. Im also teaching her how to plant her own garden.

  27. We recycle and reuse all the plastic containers that food products are packaged in. No more plastic baggies, or paper bags, works fine for us.

  28. We recycle. We donate our kids clothing and toys we’ve outgrown to Cradles to Crayons. We donate our adult clothing to Goodwill. We buy “new to us” toys & books at a local toy consignement shop. We’ve started to buy some clothing at consignment shops-most are new with tags!
    We all use reuseable lunch bags and containers for water. We use our own bags to food shop and my husband carpools for work. We are trying to do our part in keeping our earth beautiful for a long time!

  29. Stephanie says

    We recycle and use reusable containers for our lunches. We also buy locally grown food products when available.

  30. notya_rmomma's_kinda_momma says

    We began a homefarm using old fishtanks and raw sheets of glass, rocks and sand from the driveway (baked in oven to sterilize). Everything we planted was from seed. The kids got to choose what they wanted to plant and we were able to bring a little piece of “green” into our home which happens to be an apartment in Boston. A little sunlight, lots of love and little but many hands make light work.
    ps the most fun is watching the carrots grow down the wall of glass its like discovering a secret, a little window to natures mysteries.
    happy growing,

  31. We compost, line dry, buy local and organic, recycle, and use rags/fabric napkins/hankies rather than disposable.

  32. We didn’t buy a gas mower for our .5 acre of grass. I use a push mower and the kids help out too.

  33. The kids love to take recycling materials out to the bin, and are careful about turning off lights whenever they can. It’s a good start.

  34. diane says

    I hope I’m not too late! Emily loved Dirtgirl world today! Happy earth day!

  35. We unplug everything not in use, turn off water when washing hands/ brushing teeth, grow our own herbs, make a game out of separating recycling, use our reusable bags whenever we go to the grocery, decline plastic utentils/straws when eating out and use our own, use metal water bottles, and most importantly, we follow the old saying: if it’s yellow, let it mellow; if it’s brown, flush it down (which elicits giggles from my 5 and 4 y.o. boys)

  36. Wow! Lots of moms and kids are really doing a great job helping our environment out. Kudos. My family take recycling to the next step by including our 4 and 5 year olds into the whole process. We recycle and take a family trip to the recycle center and the kids help seperate and dump each container into its correct bin. They are wonderfully helpful. We also like to reuse catalogs and magazines to make projects for presents to our famiies. We use our black King Soopers’ bags every week and we take them to Sam’s Club and Costco too. We all use our own BPA-free water bottle over and over and pack our school lunches and snacks in tupperware and do not use plastic bags. We pour our left over water into our plants or the doggies bowl and the kids also leave the potty for the next person so we don’t flush so much. We love Word Girl!

  37. We are teaching our daughter to conserve water by not flushing if she’s only gone pee and to turn off the water when she’s brushing her teeth. We don’t buy any bottled water and we only use metal water bottles. All jeans and heavy items go on drying racks and if the weather permits, all clothes dry outside. Our daughter is learning to turn off lights when she leaves a room, and she’s given up her night light!

  38. We leave the temperature stat to a cool 65 degrees and snuggle under a blanket for family movie night or put on an extra top layer. Our kids each take care to recycle the yard waste, paper/plastic and garbage separately. Our latest challenge was to differentiate our trash upstairs where we have 2 bathrooms – our oldest came up with the idea of having a separate bin for the paper & plastic waste generated upstairs. So now, we have a dedicated (small) bin for the empty toilet rolls/toothpaste boxes/etc. that seem to accumulate overnight!

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