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Have you guys heard of this company, Traveling Vineyard? I hadn’t heard of it until a few weeks ago. My sister-in-law attended a party and was telling us about it later that day. The model is set up similarly to Stella & Dot, Tastefully Simple and other direct sales companies who host in-home parties who you may have heard of. Traveling Vineyard comes to your house for a party with your friends and all purchases need to be made through a sales consultant.

The Traveling Vineyard rep providesa tasting of 5 different types of wines and a little education about wine at your party – they had me at “in-home wine tasting” ! I emailed the rep the next day and without attending a party, I went ahead a booked one.

Before the party, I had a little bit of input into what wine we would be tasting. My rep, Rachelle, emailed me with a few 5-pack options and I choose the one I thought my friends would like the most.

Then Rachelle emailed me a suggested food pairings list. Basically, what savory and what sweet food would be great to match with each wine. I had a lot of fun with that part.




Rachelle arrived a few minutes before the party and shortly thereafter, everyone showed up and we got started. I wanted to note how little Rachelle came with – other than the 5 wine bottles, tasting glasses and a few small props, I thought it seemed nice and easycompared to another direct sales in-home party like a CABi or a Stella & Dot where the reps need to bring a lot of product.

She did bring small tasting food of her own – here’s a sign she brought of the wines & foods she brought that were to be paired with each.


She taught us things like the fact that our nose and small has so much to do with tasting wine.

Holding our nose and tasting a jelly bean, we couldn’t tell the flavor until we let go of our nose:




So the deal with Traveling Vineyard is that they source grapes from all around the world. They bring the grapes back to the US and then make various types of wines and tell them at nice prices that beat comparable wines you would get in the wine store. Most bottles ranged in price from $14-24.99 with one or two $30 bottles. It changes regularly but there are a couple of dozen types offered at any time.

Shipping is $10.95 when you’re with a party so it makes sense to order a bunch of bottles at once! And which we’re all used to free shipping, if you’ve ever bought wine online you know that $10.95 is a pretty good deal since wine is heavy.

Anyway, it was a fun night and definitely cool to invite everyone over for something different! And I liked the wine! My favorites that they are currently have were the LACRE Rose & the Ignia Portuguese Red.

Want to try some of the wine? Visit and see what they have to offer today.



  1. a terrific idea. . most people enjoy good wine, so a party with friends to learn about some new wines ,what foods to pair each wine with as well as some fun wine trivia facts seems like a winner to me.

  2. Keenya Harris-Martinez says

    This is so encouraging! I’m joining Traveling Vineyard this month. I was nervous about hosting. But your review has me feeling confident that it’ll be a success. THANK YOU FOR THIS


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