I love sharing stories with my kids, but I’ve noticed that in finding new stories, I’ve tended to ignore a lot of the old classics, so I’ve been picking up chances to share some old favorites like The Three LIttle Pigs and Goldilocks.
I recently shared Bygone Production’s story of Humpty Dumpty, Foodledoo and Peekaboo in Humpty Dumpty’s Big Surprise with my boys. In this clever story, the characters join the adventures of Humpty Dumpty, an explorer with big dreams. With 4 original songs, an adorable storyline and the nursery rhyme, my 2-year-old was entranced through the entire 25 minutes of play, and my four-year-old enjoyed the surprise ending.
The simplicity of the graphics makes for a calm, enjoyable show that kids will laugh and sing with again and again.

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