Since my baby is now considered an older baby (she’s seven and a half months), I knew it was time to find my next baby carrier. The popular one (that I use every day) is going to be too small for her soon. I’m loving the Angel Pack LX Soft Structured Carrier (price ranges from $118 – $139), which is an soft structured mei tei style carrier with buckles, a padded waist, padded straps. My daughter was comfortable in it and I was happy to have my hands free to chase after my almost 3 year old.   
The Angel Pack LX was created by mom Nelly Diaz, who also makes the original Angel Pack Mei Tai Carrier.
Unlike the popular carrier I was using, you can do a front, back or hip carry with the Angel Pack LX. Click here for visual, step by step directions. For the front carry: simply clip and adjust the waist belt, seat your baby in and put the carrier over the baby. The shoulder straps should be clipped already, so just slide your arms in while holding onto the baby. Then attach the chest strap (behind your shoulders). I will be trying the hip carry next — click here to see a video demo from

To find a retailer, click here.

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