Congratulations to Julie who won a brand new mamaRoo!

[Missed the original review? Check it out here.]

Thanks to all of you who entered! We loved to hear about what you called your soothing move – here are some of the highlights:

Ilana Says: I always call it the snoozer soother dance.

Catherine Says: My son’s favorite was when we swung him like a “golf club”… and no, we didn’t hold him by his feet:)

Sue E Says: We have a bouncy move that my toddler calls the “jiggly boo” that used to put him to sleep and now puts the baby to sleep.

April Says: I would name it the Cutie Quieter.

Brooke Says: A little “slide dip rub” … and repeat!

kelley Says: The shush’n’trot.

katie Says: I’d call it the squeaky shoes walk because I walk so slow you’d think I was trying to not make any noise!

Sonya Says: My daughter always liked the Tarzan swing (big long swing, NOT hanging her by her hands!)

S Carter Says: I would call it the Slumber Lumber.

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