Still waiting to hear if we’ll actually have Trick or Treating tomorrow in our area as Sandy came through and has done some damage! Apparently some townships have rescheduled for the weekend but we’re still awaiting word.

Whatever day it is, I’m well stocked for candy and non-candy items to give out! Aside giving out Stop Zombie Mouth cards, I have single packs of Trashies for the boys and Blingles for the girls.

You can pick up both at your local Toys R Us if you are still looking for something to get! Each pack is around $1 – it’s a nice alternative for friends when you don’t want to be giving out the same candy everyone else is getting (plus they already get so much, right?)

Blingles are design bling – little sticky rhinestones basically, that girls can use to decorate whatever they’d like (iPods, clothes, bracelets) and you may have see Trashies – they are small figures that live inside of single can trashcans. Collectables – the boys love them!


Disclaimer:  I was given Blingles and the Trash Pack characters to facilitate this review.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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