encycl When Middle recently asked what an Earthquake is, Big ran off. Saturday night, he asked that question himself and, unbeknownst to us, grabbed his resources, researching the information himself.

When he was only two, my mom gifted him My First Encyclopedia. I found it a silly, unnecessary gift back then, what 2 year old needed an encyclopedia? In the future he’d have a computer with internet access to answer his questions. And us. We could always answer questions.

But in the past 4 years that encyclopedia has seen much use and much love. It sits out on his dresser and he refers to it for questions about health, food, weather and, most recently, Earthquakes.

The writing style is basic, intended for a grade-school aged student. The book simply explains science and history to children. Its vivid images further explain each area of interest.

For Christmas this year, Santa added to our collection of research books with Scholastic’s My First Dictionary. Another wonderful resource written for young minds, we first found use for this book when Big asked “what’s a dynasty?” It was the first time we, as parents, could say “look it up.” In 3 weeks we’ve looked up dozens of words.

We’re teaching the kids one of the basic ways to get ahead in life: Ask questions; Find the Answers.

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