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Last Friday, I went to an overdue annual dermatologist appointment to get a skin check.  Seeing as I have some fairly pale Irish skin and a whole heck of a lot of freckles & moles, I’m technically supposed to be there every 6 months (it had been 18).

Knowing that I wasn’t going anywhere after my appointment so I didn’t put any makeup on.  Several of my problem spots were on my face and I wanted her to be able to see everything clearly.  I should also note that this is the first time I’ve been to the doctor that I’ve had to write “40” for age on a form.

I’m in the exam room with the 20something wrinkle-free nurse before the doctor comes in and the nurse turns to me and asks, “S0.  Are you still menstruating?”  Not, what was the date of your past period but do you still.


I almost fell off the exam table.

I was flustered, to be sure.  I know it’s silly but it was just a sign of getting older that I got asked that question. Driving home of course I thought of all the witty comebacks involving my old eggs kicking her young egg self  and how I take Body Combat that I could have answered but instead I think I managed a meek “yes, yes I still do.”

I laughed about it, for the most part later and told a group  of girlfriends at a 40th birthday party that night.  But it did bother me a little because I’ve been aware of my wrinkles and age spots really showing themselves over the last few months.  I know I have sun damage and I know I have a healthy dose of wrinkles thanks to age, genetics and one too many hours in the sun in my twenties.

This whole story is timely though, because I had also just ordered a new skincare regime from Rodan & Fields.  I’ve been hearing about them for awhile so I decided to take the plunge after seeing some before and after pictures from my friend Stacey who sells the line. (It’s a direct sales company like a Stella & Dot, you have to have a rep to order.)

So for the next few months, I’m going to diligently use this regime. I started 3 days ago, the same night the super sweet  nurse made me feel like a grandma.

I’ve taken before pictures.  They are SCARY as all get-out guys and I refuse to share them with you all until I have some pretty or at least less wrinkly after pictures to go along with.  I promise I will eventually.

I am hoping this works.  So here’s what I got:  I got the Redfine Amp It Up Special and it’s not cheap – the package was $314.  But I will say this, after only using it for a few days my skin most definitely feels softer and smoother.  It comes with a cleansing mask that I’ve been using twice a day, a toner, a morning and an evening cream, a night renewing serum and a roller/exfoliator.

Time will tell and I definitely plan on sharing how it goes with you guys because I get asked ALL THE TIME now for recommendations on age defying skincare products.  So far I am not minding the routine at all. Stacey shared with me her own routine and I have it down to about a 5 minute process in the morning and evening and I’m sure I’ll get even faster as I get used to the product.  Stay tuned!


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