When I think of myself last wearing Jelly Sandals, it’s not a pretty image. We’re talking leg warmers, a bad haircut and braces.  But apparently jelly sandals are all the rage this summer season. (For adults!) What do you think? Will you be wearing a pair? 

Here are a few options from some favorite places of 2010 “Jelly Sandals” (same plastic material, modern design and twist):

Kate Spade Obi from Zappos – $60

Tory Burch Jelly Vaughn Sandal at Saks – on sale for $90

BCBG’s Marlena Jelly Thong Sandal – $24.99-$31.99 depending on color selection at Amazon

Havianas Camu Jelly Flip Flop from Endless.com – $19.95


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