One of the scariest things to me when my kids were toddlers was the idea that they would put something in their mouth and choke.  Admittedly, I was a nervous Mom about it.  But it was amazing to see what they would find on the floor and what was fascinating enough that they felt it warranted a taste.

I’ll never forget a scare I had a friend’s house with my youngest.  He put a small toy “cannon” in his mouth from a Playmobil set of my friend’s older boy.  I saw him do it and ran right over but knew had it swallowed it that it would have lodged in his throat and he would have choked.

It can happen in an instant and it can happen in a moment you have your back turned.  One of the biggest dangers that few parents know about are coin lithium batteries.  They are those small silver batteries that are used by hearing aids, Hexbugs, greeting cards, remote controls, flashlights and tons of other household products you probably aren’t even aware use them!  Especially in this day and age too – as technology get smaller and slimmer, so do the batteries.

What can you do?  You can be aware!  On The Battery Controlled, you can take the pledge to keep your child safe by keeping these batteries out of reach and hidden from children.  And you can be aware. Take the pledge and spread the word – especially this holiday season as new toys and new batteries come into the house.

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Disclaimer:  This has been a sponsored post.  However, all thoughts and opinions are my own and I feel strongly that battery safety is an important issue that all parents need to be aware of.

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