Last night, I took my daughters to the red carpet premiere of the Jonas Brothers 3D Concert Experience. When I got the call from Kraft Singles (a sponsor) I knew that after this, I was going to get the really GOOD breakfast in bed this Mother’s Day. And also that my hearing might never be the same after walking past thousands of screaming fans. But for my daughters… well I’d risk this.
Continue reading for more details, what I thought of the film and a peek at my daughter’s red-carpet-cam video.

So much for the carpet being red. The Jonas Brothers got a purple carpet that dominated the street in front of the El Capitan Theater. The paparazzi and security and general “entourage” of it all took up an entire city block. I’ve been to red carpet events and premieres before but nothing like this! Thousands of screaming fans. Some of whom had waited all day to merely catch a glimpse. Prior to last night, I apparently was living under a rock. Sure, I could hum along with most Jonas Brothers tunes but did I know which one was Nick? No. For shame!
My daughters quickly schooled me on all things Jonas Brothers en route to the show. Then they drilled me like I was cramming for a quiz show. By the time I got there, I knew all about which Jonas brother could drive, who dated Taylor Swift and what the name of their security guard is. I knew as much as my petite fans. What I didn’t know was that I was going to become a fan myself. That happened about halfway through the movie.
Here’s the thing. They are practically impossible to dislike. They are just so sweet, and genuine, and talented. It would be like hating puppies not to like them. Wrong on so many levels. I truly enjoyed the movie and had a great time at it with my girls. We may even go see it again! I’ll even admit the following: this morning I was the one who popped the new Jonas Brothers Concert Experience Sountrack CD into the player for the drive to school. I even joined in on the speculation about who the real “Video Girl” might be.
We were so grateful to Kraft Singles for inviting us to the concert. It was especially nice because I actually like Kraft Singles, even more so now that they contain no growth hormones. I grew up eating grilled cheese sandwiches and so in their honor we had a little post Jo Bro Grilled Cheese Sandwich Party. We felt like celebs considering the folks from Kraft passed out sandwiches at the premiere too. It was pretty cute to see so many kid celebs chowing down on such classic simple kids fare. This really made an impression on my kids. They loved seeing all the characters from their favorite shows at the premiere and found it funny that all these celebrity kids were as excited to see the Jonas Brothers as they were.
If you are headed to the movie this weekend and want to make a snack beforehand or afterwards that is the same as what everyone ate at the premiere, here’s the recipe:
Place one slice Kraft Singles between two slices of bread
Butter outside of sandwich
Cook in skillet on Medium Heat for 3 min (or till golden brown) each side
* or smash it in a waffle maker (aka the poor mans panini press) like we did!!!
For a taste of the red carpet – here’s a video my daughter captured while walking into the theater alongside the celebs.

Note: the girl being swamped for autographs was Debby Ryan of “Suite Life on Deck”. Demi Lovato was also at the event however! My girls were thrilled to get autographs from both. Thanks again Kraft!


  1. Great recap! Oh, I would be in the cool parent club forever if I’d managed to secure something like that for my dd. Kudos. Yay for Kraft Singles!!!

  2. We are so glad you enjoyed KRAFT Singles and the Jonas Brothers movie premiere experience!

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