A random Facebook Mom group I’m in had an interesting conversation recently. Someone asked if UGGs were going out of style and if people still wore them. I thought the responses were kind of funny – there were answers at each end of the spectrum. Some were all, “hello no to the leggings & UGGs” and others still thought they were in and fashionable.

My response these days, who cares this time of year?! Leggings and UGGs are comfortable and my feet are happy when I wear a pair because they’re cold.

I only recently ordered a new pair too after my old pair was eaten by the dog… I got the traditional classic camel coloredClassic Short UGGand I live in them this time of year. Right now, they’re $20 off at Nordstrom ($149.95, on sale for $129.95) so if you’re team UGG, take advantage – that’s 15% off plus Nordstrom offers free shipping. It’s cold out there; make your toes happy.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 2.42.56 PM



  1. hey, My Mother had a saying. “Nothing ever goes out of style”. It just takes a break. Fashion is a cyclical deal. Eventually, what does fade from the front of the fashion line, will cycle back some day. Just have to wait long enough. With that said, I do believe shoulder pads may the exception. . (please stay away-LOL.)
    But the Ugg boots are a classic look and these will always be in good form!

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