I was flipping through a recent Allure Magazine when I saw an advertisement for Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips that caught my eye.

Seemingly perfect for a busy Mom, this product from Sally Hensen cuts down on money and time in regard to getting a manicure.  These Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips are actually stickers Рyou simply peel and apply to your nail, getting rid of the time it takes to paint (and then dry) your nails.

They claim to last up to 10 days and they fit any sized nail.   The denim seems intriguing and they have tons of other prints and options available.

Sally Hanson’s Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips range in price from $9.99-$19.99 on Amazon.


  1. Yay on the concept! but nay on the denim(not my style). However, I will most definitely check out the other colors/options- what a great idea- what will they think of next. :o)

  2. I have tried them and they were fun. They did not last 10 days for me, but nothing does….not even fake nails or gel polish. They were really easy to do too! I used the pretty floral print. It was perfect because it had a lot of white in it, so even when they chipped, after about a week, you couldn’t easily see it.

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