AstroCutieLogo.jpg Every mom will tell you that her babies arrived here on earth with a personality. Distinct from their siblings, different from their parents. And then again, in some ways so similar. From day one as we watch our children’s traits emerge, it’s like watching a mystery unfold. Always thrilling, but at times somewhat baffling or challenging.
At the moment of your own birth, as well as at the moment of your child’s, a very unique thing happened. The stars all aligned and for that instant, the universe configured itself into a completely unique arrangement. Never before and never since, was it exactly the same. So is it any wonder that you and your children are such unique beings?
Even if you don’t regularly check your horoscope, you probably know the “sun” sign for yourself and your child. This is their sign based on their month of birth. But this is only a small piece of the picture. A proper star chart tells you where the moon, sun and all the planets were at that moment. It’s fascinating, it’s frameable, and interpreted by Dabney Oliver of Astrocutie, it can also be extremely enlightening! Having a personal star chart reading done is definitely a treat. It’s also makes for an extremely thoughtful shower gift for the mom who already has everything, and the mom who is curious about who this little bundle of joy might become. Which pretty much sums up all of us, doesn’t it? If Dabney’s name sounds familiar to you, you may have seen her horoscopes in Parents magazine or Working Mother magazine.
I recently had star charts done for myself and two of my kids by Astrocutie. I did my very best to tell Dabney little about myself or my offspring prior to the reading, and also to remain open-minded to whatever she was about to tell me. I expected the reading to be somewhat vague and general but found myself just blown away by how specific, non generic and dead-on the interpretations were. She pretty much nailed my kids unique personalities while I sat silent and stunned on the other end of the line. What she said about me had me cracking up with self recognition as well. She could have been my sister going over all sorts of interesting, and true, stuff about my personality that not everyone knows about me.
D5.JPGI should back up and say, when Dabney Oliver of Astrocutie reads your star chart she is not giving you a stellar road map to the future. She is not a psychic, she is just gifted at identifying the cosmic patterns indicating the sort of life challenges you and your kids are likely to face. And she also identifies the well of strengths that will help you best achieve your goals.
In addition to revealing a part of who your kids are and the personality traits and quirks that fuel them, Dabney examines how you may encounter challenges in your relationship with your child. Perhaps you are a shy Pisces but your child is a very outgoing Leo. Or you are a social Gemini and your child is a Virgo loner who is prone to temper tantrums. Dabney has useful suggestions about how you can deal with the issues that may come up in the future.
Some of the advice is basic, but it was astonishing how right it was for my children (and me) in particular. Dabney had suggestions for both of my children that made perfect sense.
I came away from my Astrocutie reading feeling empowered and energized. It was honestly a thrill and a privilege to spend the time talking with Dabney about myself and my kids, and have that peek at what was going on with the universe at the moment we all came to be. We had the shorter readings done, but I am definitely going to pursue a more in depth reading in the future.
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