Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 6.45.21 PM My kids have been big-time spoiled with this latest gadget we’ve been testing out.  It’s the AT&T Unite for GoPhone by Netgear and it’s a mobile hotspot that allows us to connect to it and get Wifi with up to 10 devices.  Can I tell you guys how awesome this was for our latest road trip (9 hours in the car?!)  I’m sure you all can imagine.
So while I’ve know what a Hotspot is for years, I never really spent the time to navigate between the different hotspot options or understanding what’s involved with a contract.  Or in my case, no contract. See, we only travel sporadically.  Hands down, having mobile Wifi is killer if you’re a traveling businessman but if you’re a part time working Mom?  Or a family that goes on multiple vacations a year but not every week?  A contract seemed excessive to me.  But I was down with this version of AT&T Unite for GoPhone by Netgear because it’s a one-time fee for the unit and then you are basically purchasing bandwidth only when you need it.I had the hotspot for awhile but only activated it this week.  I could pay for a weekly or monthly use based on the following:

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 6.34.30 PM So you choose.  If you’re going on a week long vacation and don’t have a ton of internet needs, the weekly price is $15 and then you can connect up to 10 devices.  Maybe you need more space?  You can go for the $25 monthly plan.  Either way, it’s a killer deal – especially if you’re going to be at a hotel that charges $10/day for you to get your one laptop online.

The device itself has a super easy to use touchscreen and will even tell you how many devices are connected at any given time (i.e. if anyone fishy is connecting, you can give them the boot!  Although, you  need a password to connect that only you know so you should be good there.)

I will say that I had a bit of trouble in the beginning but it was simply that I had to reboot the GoPhone device to get it to reset and connect to the network.  Other than that, it’s all been scooby and I fear my kids will be asking to connect to it every time we go on a short trip now!

Check out the different AT&T Unite options for units and coverage.  There are $0 devices that you can purchase with signing a 2-year contract, which definitely could be appealing to some!

If you’re traveling anywhere for the holidays, check out the AT&T Unite for GoPhone by Netgear!  It was seriously a life saver in the car.  It would also make a great holiday gift for a traveling family member…

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