Lately, I feel really helpless when it comes to my 19-month-old and his skin problems. The poor child has the worst kind of eczema. The heat and the current season seem to only make it worse. He has patches on his legs, back of his knees and all over his arms. I know it drives him nuts too as he’s constantly itching.
Every day we’re trying to do a number of things to make it better. One of many changes we’ve made is keeping the door to his room closed, putting an air purifier in his room and keeping it running 24 hours a day. We’re using the Therapure 201M.
It has a thin, sleek design – I have it behind the rocker in his room and you wouldn’t notice it at all if you weren’t looking, or noticed the white noise. It runs all day with a filter that removes smoke, dust and pollen from the airt in his room. It also comes with a UV Lamp that apparently kills airborne germs and bacteria.
I mentioned the white noise – it makes a quiet sound as the fan runs, I actually think it helps him sleep better as it’s a relaxing hum.
It’s energy efficient and you don’t have to buy replacement filters (you just open it up and vacuum off the one installed).
It’s $119.99 for our model – which is for medium to large rooms. The smaller version retails for $79.99 and the larger for $149.95.
I’ll be honest – I don’t know if it’s “working” as I intend it to. I don’t know if I could ever review a product like this and profess that it was completely working. His eczema is still there. But I do know this – it doesn’t *hurt* to run it and I like to think that every little bit helps. And I’ll be happy to turn the UV light on come the winter when the germs are in full force. If it keeps him from getting just one nasty bug, then it’s worth it to me.


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