So, last night Carson got in bed with a very small, not too furry dolphin. And about 20 seconds into attempting to cuddle, he complained he didn’t have enough softness, didn’t offer enough room to squeeze.
While Carson no longer has a specific lovey to cuddle each night, he desires a certain feel. And like we love our body pillows when our husbands are absent, children often need a bit of security to help them to sleep.
Of course, jumping on the chance to stay up late, Carson then had to test all of the animals in his room (thankfully, many have been moved to the playroom, so cuddling didn’t take nearly as long as it could have.) We discussed the necessities of a good cuddle: big enough to really wrap your arms around, softness in the fur, squishiness in the body. And while he left out the Mom-in-the-know qualities like eyes and noses that won’t pop out, fur that doesn’t fly off and irritate your nose and the necessary organic fibers, we created 2 categories—the good cuddlers and the bad cuddlers.
But lets go back to the Mom-in-the-know necessities. As an environmentally aware mom, and one who cares even more for the safety of my children, there was no surprise that the new Aurora Naturally plush fell into the favored category. The plush of these animals is made from 100% soybean fiber, and the stuffing is 100% Kapok, a sustainable rainforest crop. The eyes are anchored buttons and the of Aurora Naturally animals are fabric or embroidered—eliminating chances of choking. So when he’s selecting his Aurora Naturally animals, I know he’s inhaling healthy fibers, embracing a safe, green animal, that’s soft and squishy to boot.
Find Aurora Naturally products at toy retailers like Shopzoo, and Grandrabbits Toys.

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