Venice was stunning. My parents were not sure if it was going to be worth it, but it most definitely was. Sadly, Venice is literally sinking so I am so glad I got to experience this amazing place before it no longer is here. I did not believe my dad when he told me it was sinking. Yet, at night the water rose through the cracks of the pavement and … [Read more...]

The Amalfi Coast was hands down the most beautiful place I have been. We stayed in an apartment style hotel that overlooked all the mountains and water. These pictures do not do it justice! One day while we were on the coast, we took a ferry over to Capri. Once we got there we rented a private boat that took us around the island. The water was … [Read more...]

My sweet summer is wrapping up. While this isn't exactly how I saw my summer going, it is exactly what I needed. A complete reset. My summer started off with a bang with a family trip to Italy. This was a much needed and much-appreciated adventure that sparked my interest in traveling and finding my independence. You can check out my Italy Series … [Read more...]

I am heading into my senior year of college so I could consider myself an expert on the whole roommate situation. I have had great roommates and roommates from hell. Both have made me realize what it takes to be a good roommate. Before I get to the tips, here is a little on my history of roommates. Freshman - I lived in a small double with a … [Read more...]

Our first stop on our Italy tour this summer began in Rome! We flew in from Philly and got straight to exploring. Of course, I was exhausted but nothing a few shots of espresso couldn't fix. We mainly walked around and toured the streets. Our hotel was very close to the Trevi Fountain which was beautiful! You can't go to Rome and not make a stop … [Read more...]

And just like that my junior year of college is over. Wow, this year was filled with surprises! I learned so much this semester from how to write a perfect paper to bettering my squash game and understanding myself. Here are the top five things I can share with you. It is okay to drop classes My spring semester I dropped two classes. … [Read more...]

Mother's Day is right around the corner! Here are 5 simple gifts your mom will LOVE. DIY Photo Book Flowers - check out local florists Beauty SubscriptionBox - Sephora Play Box, Birchbox, Ipsy Espadrilles Gardening Tools- really cute gardening gloves … [Read more...]

Here are a few questions to think about while you continue to read Educated. Leave some comments of any other questions you have that we can discuss at the end of the month! I hope you are all enjoying the memoir thus far. I am curious to see what you think. If you haven't started the book yet, it's not too late!   … [Read more...]

WELCOME! This month we are starting a new segment on the blog: Book Club! I am so excited to be trying this out. As an English major, I love reading and discussing books so I thought what a great idea to bring it to an online community. On the first of the month, we will announce the book and a calendar with dates you can expect posts & … [Read more...]

Geometric earrings Pattern dress White boots Light jacket Rain boots Straw Purse(Smaller/cheaper) Floral top Stripe top Sneakers Cropped jeans … [Read more...]