Every month I receive a shipment from Julep, a beauty and nail company. It’s a part of their Julep Maven program and they decide what to send me based on a questionaire I filled out when I started that gave them a bit of info about my style.  Most of the time it’s a combination of nail polish, or nail polish and something else small.

I always like what they send but sometimes I just LOVE what they send and March is one of those love months.  March brought no nail polish but a pair of great hand products – one of which was this new Julep product – the Glycolic Hand Scrub (Normally $23, but $18.40 for Mavens.)

Besides the fact that I love any good exfoliating scrub, I love the SMELL of this one.  Some scrubs, while effective, can smell pretty earthy.  Not Julep’s – it has a light, clean smell that I adore!  Plus it’s just a great gentle scrub.  I’ve only used it on my hands thus far but according to the Julep site, you can use it on your face, arms or pretty much anywhere!

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