It was gorgeous.
Even under dense, overcast gray puffs hiding a struggling sun and brilliant blue sky, in front of the largest pool we’ve ever laid eyes on we were awestruck by the beauty of the facilities and grounds of Azul Sensatori. Every element had been well-planned and placed, every palm evenly lain, every light just the right hue. It was relaxing. It was inspiring. The Azul Sensatori is gorgeous.

The staff was friendly and happy to be of service. Never did we find a frown nor were we turned away when asking a question. And should the employee not know an answer, she was quick to find someone who would. For only 75 days of service, I was very impressed with the professionalism and knowledge of the staff. And while I did find a few wrong answers to questions I asked (example, when my 5-year-old stubbed his toe and was bleeding, a concierge informed me that I would need to purchase Band-Aids at the gift shop. As it turned out, this was incorrect. A quick call to security and a Band-Aid would be supplied immediately). When these questions were later corrected, it was with gracious smiles and apologies.
Near each building is a Concierge hut, manned with one or two Concierge. Usually stationed at the same location daily, they immediately know their common residents and greet with smiles, waves and offers of assistance.
Both English and Spanish are spoken by most all of the staff. And while some translations are easier than others (we found the word “allergic” to not translate well and bring about lots of confusion; the number of times we received a bonus strawberry ice cream when we attempted to express a strawberry allergy became an ongoing family joke), we found communication to be mostly easy and with smiles, rather than frustration on the sides of both guests and staff.
It has to be mentioned that not only was the staff helpful and friendly, but plentiful. With an unheard of ratio of 1.9 staff members to every one guest, you see staff everywhere and rarely do you lack assistance.
A “Gourmet Inclusive”, this resort is still in its infancy having opened on November 1, 2008. Our family visited on days 72-78 of its life, less than one trimester of a pregnancy. And, just like in the first trimester of a pregnancy, the resorted needed care, vitamins and love. There were areas still being worked out: a safety shield constructed between the beach area and the higher-elevated pools and restaurants. Additional palms being planted and laid in place. And as with a baby born just 75 days prior, there was the upkeep: pipes and Jacuzzis repaired, cracks being mended. Yet all of this repair, construction and day-to-day upkeep were done with quiet class. There was no obtrusive music being played by the construction crew and they were all dressed in taste.
Azul Sensatori was created as a family resort, for years these operators studied the needs and wants of family travelers. Just a few months prior, Azul opened the neighboring Azul Beach. They listened to their customers and used the tips they learned to enhance this 2nd of the Azul resorts. Included in the enhancements, upon reservation, families have a guaranteed joined suite; each basic family suite sleeps between 3 and 5 people and includes a King-sized bed for the parents.
The facilities include 6 full-service Gourmet Inclusive restaurants, a main building with commercial shops and four tiers of hotel suites.
An infant, the resort is still facing some growing pains, as happens with any fully-operational resort. The most unfortunate is what appeared to be a sewage problem when the rains overflow the area. Our second night brought upon a major downpour that lasted over 24 unfortunate hours. What followed was an overwhelming scent of, well, sewage. Unfortunately for us, the smell was worst by the Premium and Adult suites and pool. Upon questioning, I learned this unfortunate smell is created by the mangroves, Mexico’s Rain Forest that’s being over built by resorts. A traveler isn’t likely to notice it should there not be a downpour, we didn’t until our unfortunate weather change. Another area in need of work, the unevenness of sidewalks concerned us as we have children prone to trips and falls (at 3 and 5, show me an active boy who isn’t.) I was pleased to see that at only 75 days old, grounds crew were re-cementing and tiling around the resort where concrete wasn’t even.
Overall, the resort bleeds of pride, pride of both the guests and the staff. It was evident in the upkeep, in the service and in the beauty surrounding the guests. And just as evident on the smiles of the guests—families and couples alike, even in the rain the travelers were relaxed, happy and spoiled. And on your 5-star vacation, who wouldn’t want to be spoiled?
Want to learn more about Azul Sensatori? I’ll share specifics on restaurants, the spa, the rooms and entertainment in the next few weeks.

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