The absolute best part of our stay at Azul Sensatori was the fabulous kids’ program and how focused on the children this resort is. As I’ve said before, the resort was built with families, and more specifically, children in mind. At the restaurants you’ll find borrowable table toys, like Fisher Price Kid-Tough Cameras and Fisher Price Portable DVD Players. They’re available at the pools, too.
In the center of the beach area, our kids were thrilled to find a full-on playground–nicer than some of our neighborhood parks. The kids played pirate, tag and tic tac toe again and again. And they LOVED the life-size checkers and chess at the activity pool.

The staff was extremely child- and activity- oriented. There were activities planned hourly for adults, teens and children. And on rainy days, if you looked or asked you’d find a rainy day activity schedule. (We played lots of Bingo and won prizes during “game shows”.)
The teen-club room included a DJ, many big-screen TVs, board games, cards, a large dance area and a alcohol-less bar. Next door, kids were able to surf the ‘net in a computer cafe. (This was a separate spot from the business center where adults could use computers. They found it behooved them to separate the kids, who could spend hours gaming from the adults checking their work e-mails. And on the other side of the teen club, an arcade, complete with a pool table, several video games, air hockey, basketball and more.
But what really thrilled us was the Azulitos Club: a kids club coordinated by Azul and My Gym. We loved that by the second day the staff welcomed our kids by name and immediately recalled their interests. With an amzing ratio (at one point there were about 4 staffers playing with my 5 year old) kids moved all day between activities: active, sedentary, active, sedentary. Each day included a lesson from a tennis pro on the grass courts (Azulitos provided the raquets), crafting, exploring, pool time (in the activity/kids pool), sports, storytelling and Spanish.
Inside the Azulitos club house, we pulled off our socks and started to play. It was set up as a true My Gym facility, complete with a ball pit, gymnastics aparati, trampoline, and even an indoor rockwall. The gym was surrounded by rooms, each with a theme: theater, crafts, games, snack bar, doll room, little one room and more.
General use of the facility was available for kids 4-12 each morning and afternoon (with a break for a family lunch). Every evening there was a different kids’ night theme, and children could be brought over after their dinner.
Parents could accompany children under 4 to Azulitos during regular hours. There were also “official” My Gym classes, available for an extra fee, as well as a special Parent and Me class each day for the toddlers.
Our kids brought so much home from use of the club. They still talk about the friends and staff, sing songs they learned and play with their Azulitos-made souveniers.
And for the adults, in addition to the activities around the pool and beach, the exercise classes and the time to relax, there were evening shows. We were thrilled with a Latin American dance show one evening (with far more entertaining dancers than those at a rival resort that we attended a few years ago). The resort, through azulitos, also offers babysitting at an additonal fee. Our sitter already knew our kids, as she worked at azulitos during the day. While she was mostly Spanish speaking, we had no problem communicating the basics and the children were thrilled to have her over to play.
So, while the kids could play… we took time to relax. Coming soon, my final installment in the Azul Sensatori series will focus on the restaurants and spa.
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