I know, I held you in suspense long enough, huh? I mean, you read about the grounds and the service at Riviera Maya’s Azul Sensatori, but who’s going to go on a vacay without knowing what the accomodations will be like?! Take it from me, these accomodations are top notch.
So, every other time I’ve been to Mexico or the Caribean I’ve been prepared for ehh rooms. (or worse, example, my first room on my Honeymoon in Barbados, no A/C and bugs on the welcoming food. Yeah, we switched resorts 12 hours later.) But I digress. You want to know about Azul Sensatori.
At the resort there are 4 rooming buildings, each a different type: Premium, Adults Only, Family and, for lack of a better word, a regular area, aka view suites. We stayed in the Premium, which meant we had a dedicated concierge, free wireless, free movie rentals from the on-site video store, sheets washed in aromatherapy, private check-in (I was whisked away and felt like a star!) and lots of other perks… like fresh in-room fruit and a special pool with cabanas. We had a double-room suite, officially 2 connecting Premium Jacuzzi Suites. As with all suites I visited (we went into at least one room in each building, except the adult suites), it was h-u-g-e.

Read all the deets on the rooms and accomodations by clicking the link below.

Upon entering the room there is a very large bathroom area, with a closed off toilet area and shower area. The sinks are rather high, and here’s a secret I’ve never known before, all you have to do is request a step-stool for your kids. All this time we’ve been packing a stepstool in our luggage and, voila!, Azul Sensatori will provide that little luxury for you! Of course, provided are spa robes, lots of towels and plenty of spa-quality shampoos and soaps (my kids and the huz lurved the mint-chocolate soap.)
Opposite the bath are 2 large closets and hidden inside the closet are more than enough hangers, an iron and full board, safe, your robes and a HUGE golf umbrella. Score! (We SO needed this on our very wet vacation.)
Okay, so further into the room \was a beautiful king-sized bed. Comfortable mattress, gorgeous linens (that smelled so relaxing they were heavenly–Premium guests select an aromatherapy package upon private check-in) and more pillows than we knew what to do with. Opposite the bed is a flat-screen TV with Spanish and English cable stations, dresser, fridge (with daily refills), coffee maker and more “necessities.”
Next, there’s a pull-out loveseat, small table with 2 chairs… can you imagine how big this room is? Wait! Its not over. See, there’s a reason they’re called ‘jacuzzi’ suites. Right next to the balcony is a full-sized, step-up jacuzzi! OMG, the bubble bath my son took in there was hysterical! And on the balcony, a coffee table and an outdoor couch. Of course, if you stay in a swim-up suite, rather than a balcony you’ll have a patio that leads right up to the “lazy river” and into your part of the pool. Peeps in the Premium Suites also get a heated outdoor jacuzzi that leads out into the “river.” I know, hard to imagine something so nice, right?
The other side of our connection was nearly identical, save for the 2 queen beds rather than the king.
Okay, so as ideal as this sounds, not everyone is going to do a Premium suite. So, what about the others?
Let me tell you… they’re just as beautiful. The beds are the same comfort, the amenities still so much more than what I’ve seen at other resorts. The accomodations at the Azul Sensatori are truly amongst the best aspects of the vacation.
Family Suites: One of the reasons Azul Sensatori is already so popular is that upon reservation you are *guaranteed* a suite. There’s no calling to confirm, calling to re-confirm, showing up with fingers crossed… hoping. It is 100% guaranteed that you will have a suite. The family suites are ideal. Walk in to a bathroom similar to a Premium. Next you’ll come to the suite area: a pull-out couch, a pull-out chair and room to easily fit a full-size crib (which will be provided if need be.) You’ll also get a monitor upon request so that you can be out at your swim-up suite while baby sleeps, and you can request a toy from the toy-loaning program sponsored by Fisher Price, and there’s a TV with DVD player. For privacy, there’s a sliding wall that will separate this part of the suite from Mom & Dad’s part. Beyond the wall is your Queen bed and your jacuzzi. Beyond, go on out to your private balcony or patio at your swim-up suite. Family suites are located by the kids club (more info on their fabulous program to come), the kids’ pool, tennis courts, teen club and activity pool.
View Suites: On the other side of the activity pool are the less-expensive View Suites. These suites are a little bigger than the family suites, but don’t have all the family bonuses. They connect so you can get a king and 2 queens with living areas and, of course, jacuzzis, a balcony and luxurous bathroom. On the side of these suites opposite the Activity Pool is the quiet pool. Opposite this pool are the premium pool and the adults-only pool.
Adult Suites: These are the smallest and least expensive suites. They’ll sleep 2 adults in the king-size bed, have the luxe bathroom and a jacuzzi. Of course, just like all of the resort, the bottom floor has swim-up suites, but these lead out to the adult-only pool. And there’s an adult-only swim-up bar as well.
Are you drooling? We’ve been to our share of ***** resorts and I do have to rate these rooms and suites among the best. High among. VERY high among.
Did I mention every room has a jacuzzi? How cool is that?
Want more info on Karisma’s Azul Sensatori, click here. Next week I’ll discuss the food and the extra’s… like shopping!

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