azula There were two reasons that our Disney trip was unswimmable: 1. the un-Florida-y weather that week and 2. the Luna pool at the Boardwalk Villas was closed. But that doesn’t stop me from telling you just how great the Azula is for your vacation/summertime adventures at the pool.

The Azula is a little butt-matt protects your swimsuits from snagging when you sit at the edge of the pool. ’nuff said, right? I mean, any mom of a toddler can attest to how necessary this is. It extends the life (and look) of your sexy little swim suit from first wear. So newborn moms are certainly wondering why?, right? Because as soon as your little one is toddling she is going to l-o-v-e the pool. And hours at the baby pool will mean two things: Good sunscreen (reviews to come) and snagging suits. Unless, of course, you get an Azula.

The Azula is lightweight and rolls up really thin so that its simple to keep in your pool bag. I know you’re ordering one for summer*, but you may want to order a few extras. They’re also great against burn on a leather seat in your car, sporting events (keep that butt dry during soccer, Mom!), beaching, boating and more.

Thanks to Its Pretty Smart for providing a sample Azula.

*I know, seems crazy to talk summer with over 30 inches of snow this winter, right? But its helping me to think summer while I shovel!

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