Hey all – it’s been awhile since I gave you a baby update. Things are going well – I think I finally have a handle on juggling two kids. Up until now it’s seemed crazy and hectic, and yes, it still seems crazy but somehow I’ve settled into a routine with it. We just had the baby’s 6 month check up and all is well including starting solids. Woohoo? (Seriously – I remember being so excited the first time around – now it just seems like a big mushy mess to me!) Although I’m happy to report that the bouncy seats and swing have now returned to the basement.
Anyway, here’s some of the products we continue to use and love at this stage in his life:
Graco’s Baby Einstein Exersaucer – a HUGE thank you to Julie for lending us her boys’ exersaucer. We keep this one downstairs and our not-nearly-as-nice one upstairs. This exersaucer is such a huge hit. It has more bells and whisles than we know what to do with and Cole is entertained for longer periods of time in this one than any other one we’ve tried. It’s $80 – so more than most – but it’s so worth it.
Britax Marathon – retiring that infant carrier is always a blessing and a curse at the same time. It’s sad because it’s so convenient, but then again as your baby gets bigger, it literally starts to break your back to lug both baby and carrier. Anyway, we had no choice a few weeks back as he outgrow the infant carrier so I ordered a second Marathon for our family. I wanted to report that I ordered from Albee Baby, free shipping and it came within two days. They have 15% off on select Britax models right now too.
Lamaze products – Lamaze makes such great infant stuff. Nate (my 3 year old) was a big fan as a baby, as is Cole. One of the latest favorite is this Learn to Sign with Friends toy which makes loud clacking noises when shaken. They’re colorful and I love that they teach signs – we’ll be teaching Cole sign language when he gets a little older as it worked so well with his big brother. He also loves sucking on Jacques the Peacock. Use coupon code LCINFANT for 15% off your order of anything Lamaze, the Learning Curve or the First Years by July 31, 2007.
Summer Video Monitor – I love this thing. I can’t get enough of watching him sleep. It’s not like he does anything exciting (highlight of the night is watching him coo and hold his feet) but I’m hooked! Seriously, I only bought it recently and we never had one with Nate. But I love that I can check on him anytime without having to get up or open his door. And that now any little sound he makes doesn’t wake me (I’m a very light sleeper) yet I can still keep an eye on him when the need arises. I got mine at Babies R Us in store, you can find it there or on Amazon via Target.

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