I had forgotten just how much *stuff* you need with an infant. Seems I’m always forgetting something; a paci, a burp cloth, an extra set of clothes. I had gotten so used to just carrying around a small pack with wipes and diapers, sticking a sippy in the side of my bag quickly, and running out the door. Adding #2 has seemed to quadruple the amount of stuff I carry and the amount of time it takes to get anything done. (Someone explain that to me?)
But all is good – and we got 7.5 hours of uninterrupted sleep out of Cole the other night, so we’re seeing through the haze these days!
Here’s a little feature of a couple of products we’ve been using a lot lately:
SaraBear diaper caddy. Each day, I stock it with the needs I have with Cole: diapers, wipes, A&D, breast pads and a burp cloth or two. I carry it up and downstairs and wherever I go in the house, as it makes life easier to have everything within a quick reach when need be. Use coupon code SARABEAR for 15% off your order, expires 1/24/07.
Vincent Shoes – I put a pair of the “minis” on him for Christmas and he was the star of the party! Everyone loved them; I don’t know what it is about a baby with a pair of shoes on but it was too cute. Use coupon code MWS-JAN-07 for 20% off your order, expires January 31st.
Zutano booties – just love these booties from Zutano. They’re easy to put on, and once they snap, they can’t be kicked off. I put them on him all the time. Buy them at Bugs and Blossoms, and receive free shipping on orders over $60. (And 10% off orders of $120 or more)
Aquaphor. I had to mention this because starting around five weeks, Cole’s cheeks totally erupted in a minefield of infant acne and eczema. The poor child looked like a leper. I was beside myself, not because it looked badly but because it looked so *painful*. In fact, when it finally started cracking and bleeding, I was begging everyone for some helpful advice. The pediatritian recommended Eucerin, which appeared to made it worse. But several people told me to try Aquaphor, which has been like a miracle drug. It’s almost completely cleared the eczema and acne. I apply it several times a day.

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