I can’t say I’m sad that my pregnancy updates have now come to an end, as I hope the baby updates will be much more exciting. My second son was born just over a week ago and I’m loving life as a second time mother. (Thus far, it’s so much easier – why did a little baby scare me so much the first time around??!) I also love that because of this site, I’ve learned and now own so many more useful products than the ones I had the first time.
One of the products I’ve been using on a daily basis thus far is the Hooter Hider. I’ve reviewed it before, but never as a nursing mother. And I have to tell you all, nursing did not go so well the first time around. This time, I went in with an open mind – I promised myself I’d try and nurse again and go with whatever happens. And I’m happy to report that this time, it’s so much easier – Cole is a champ and seems to know what to do and I can’t imagine having any reason to stop anytime soon.
All that said, I really appreciate having a Hooter Hider now. I’m not the most “open” person and one of many things I felt uncomfortable with the first time around was how to nurse in front of other people. I haven’t left the house much yet – but we’ve had a lot of visitors, including my father-in-law, husbands of friends, and people I’d just generally prefer not whip them out in front of. I have a Hooter Hider from Mom4Life that has made a world of difference for me. It loops over my neck and covers me, covers Cole and makes it so I have no qualms feeding my baby around anyone. I love the privacy it gives me, and I love the top of it – it bends to allow me ample space to see Cole and allow him to see me.
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