bananabrush.jpgHere’s another ingenious product I picked up recently at the ABC Kids show. The Banana Brush!
I was on the monorail back to the hotel, talking to another show attendee, and noticed her seven month old baby contentedly chewing on what looked like a little rubber banana. I asked her about it and she told me the kid had been knawing on the banana all day. “You just have to talk to these people!” she told me.
The next morning I made a beeline to their booth and picked up one for my own teething baby to try. I’m so glad I went back. What is hard to see in a picture is how soft and flexible this product is.
We all know how teething babies like to knaw. And if you have ever brushed the gums of a teething baby, using a finger cap brush or toddler tooth brush, you know how much the baby loves that pressure, and will chomp down on the brush. Beware the chomp if you use the finger cap style! Ordinary toothbrushes, while soothing, can be dangerous to let the baby hold. The banana brush, however, is safe for baby. It is so soft and flexible that you don’t have to worry about them injuring themselves.
The Banana brush is latex free and non allergenic. It can be washed in the dishwasher and is a great way to get baby started brushing those first teeth. It can also be refrigerated and used as a cooling teether.
Finally (honestly I never thought I would say this about a toothbrush) the Banana Brush is adorable! If you have a little teething monkey like mine, you will love this product!


  1. DancingQueen says

    Okay, this is officially on my list for the baby! All mine hate to have their teeth brushed when they’re little!

  2. Can you tell me if they are BPA free? Where are they made. I went to the website and looked but wasn’t able to find any information. Thanks.

  3. I have one of these and I LOVE it. Or, I should say my baby loves it. She is always asking to brush her teeth.

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