I love to wear my baby, even though I have a bad back – so any baby carrier I use has to have good back support. Recently, I tested the Baby Bjorn’s Baby Carrier Synergy and fell in love.

I put the Baby Carrier Synergy on and strapped baby Allegra in. Then I wheeled my toddler in his stroller to our local park to test it out. I wore this carrier for hours, while chasing my very active toddler. I didn’t feel any back strain whatsoever due to the terrific lower back support.  Having my hands free was also terrific.  I was able to push my older child on the swings and go down the slide with him, while still wearing the baby (who slept blissfully in it most of the time).  Nursing was very easy while wearing this carrier, I just slipped my nursing cover over it, so I could have some privacy.

I also couldn’t believe how lightweight the Synergy is.  It’s made of a 3D mesh fabric, which wicks away moisture and heat – great for constantly overheating mamas like myself. This fabric was developed especially for Baby Bjorn and weighs practically nothing.  It’s super flexible –  you can fit the entire carrier inside the mesh elastic storage bag (which is attached to the inside pocket). Now, as I continue to use the Synergy,  I can actually stash it compactly in my diaper bag, once we get to our destination (instead of just draping it over a chair or stroller). Well done, Baby Bjorn!

Suitable from 8 to 26 lbs, this carrier is designed to be worn on the front side of an adult’s body. Babies can either face inward or outward. As the baby grows, you can adjust the sliding buckle to lengthen the carrier.

I think that the Baby Carrier Synergy will be perfect for the summer,
with the extremely breathable mesh. Since the mesh dries so quickly,
this also may be great for running through the sprinklers at the park!

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