babybonkie A few friends and I were recently discussing baby sleeping habits. My kids were big swaddlers and the huz swaddled them tightly. Really tightly. And they slept great. So, I didn’t “get” the point of a sack. Why not just continue using a swaddle blanket? Two words then occured to me: Kick out. Ahh, now I remember… it only takes a few weeks for even a tiny baby to grow enough to kick out of his swaddling blanket, but sacks (and items like the Baby Bonkie) keep kids in longer with hook & loop closures and bagged legs.

So when a friend explained the sack is for bigger kids… to allow for warmth and the comfort of “sorta swaddling” but room for growth and movement, it made more sense.

The Baby Bonkie is perfect for transitioning from a tight swaddle to a sack (or even regular pajamas.) Its a bag on the bottom (just slip the legs in as you lay baby down)which is tighter than a typical “bag” or “sack”. Then tighten the chest/arm area with velcros to keep baby from nighttime startles and movement. (See the simple  instructions for use.) Available in gorgeous fabrics and lined in minkee (a super soft and warm fabric that I dream of being wrapped in), I can only imagine the pleasant dreams of  a little one sleeping in a baby bonkie.

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